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Green Future Services are the leading independent provider of air conditioning inspections, TM44 reports and energy audit services throughout the UK.

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Green Future Services have recognised that one of the first steps in reducing carbon emissions is to understand our buildings and their energy requirements. Only by knowing where the main sources of energy consumption are can we go about changing the way we use such energy and the sources from which it is obtained.

We have a proven track record with the UK’s leading property portfolios and provide TM44 air conditioning reports across the whole property spectrum from high value trophy buildings and arenas to public sector and multi-retail. Although the TM44 inspections, DEC’s and EPC’s are now mandatory legal requirements for companies, the key element and aim of all three are to assist companies to SAVE MONEY and reduce CO2 emissions. 

As the need to tackle climate change grows increasingly stronger, the responsibility for reducing our carbon footprints is becoming more enshrined in legislation forcing people to act sooner rather than later.

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R22 & F Gas Log


We offer R22 & F Gas Log compilations.



We provide National Air Conditioning Energy Inspections in line with CIBSE TM44 direct to businesses, landlords, building owners and tenants.

Commercial EPC


We provide Commercial Energy Performance Certificates direct to businesses, landlords, solicitors and agents in the East Midlands & Inner London/North East areas.



We provide National Display Energy Certificates direct to local governments, councils, schools, libraries and any publicly funded organisations.

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TM44 regulations updated

The new TM44 document was released in April 2012 that tightens and extends the legislation     requirements for the TM44 inspections. The document also removes many of the “grey area’s” recognised from the original document.

Trading Standards Teams Trained

Many of the Trading Standards offices have now completed training to enable the enforcement of the TM44 regulations. The Government Landmark site has also been improved to show at a glance which buildings comply with DEC’s, EPC’s and TM44 legislation. Companies are renewing the drive to comply to avoid expensive fines.

Inspector Audits Implemented by DCLG

CLG announce enhanced Quality Assurance of Building Energy Certificates">Six monthly audits of submitted reports are now in place to ensure that the high quality of reports are maintained throughout the industry. This is a long overdue requirement as the quality of reports can vary greatly between companies. Please note that a “Sample Report” can be downloaded from the Documents page of this site for your perusal.